July 2, 2013

On consistency and change

I have been reading several posts about blogging techniques and I felt very connected to this article about consistency in blogging. These past months, it has been a bit difficult for me to keep posting on A Heart and Soul Story on a very regular basis. My work schedule has kept me quite busy and I sometimes felt and still feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done. I try to focus on blogging as it is something I really enjoy doing, but it seems to get cut more and more often.


I wanted to share this post by Elembee as I really found myself in this article. I do want to keep blogging, but I want to stop putting pressure on myself. I will try at least.
One major point that I want to focus on is to plan more and schedule posts in advance. It's funny that all my life is pretty planned out, but the blog doesn't get a ToDo list or a calendar. This has to change :)

With this in mind, I have done a some planning. What you can expect in the upcoming weeks and months:
- one to two outfit posts a week
- a DIY post on home projects here and there
- maybe some food posts on favorite recipes 
- the shoe of the week project is going to make its' return in a new way


I also want to work on new ideas and, even though photos are my main priority on the blog, I would like to talk about some more serious topics once in a while. I hope you stay with me through this process. We all grow up, change our priorities and re-access our schedules and so will this blog now that it is coming of age!

PS: The logo and my (not so new anymore) blogheader were made by the before mentioned Elembee and I just adore her design. Totally my kind of style and the colors are wonderful. What do you think?


mark a. said...

i like your new focus! i hope you are able to keep doing this thing you love and are able to keep it interesting for you!

Elena said...

I know how overwhelming blogging can be, just enjoy what you do and you'll see a huge difference! Making drafts for future posts when I was inspired by something helped me a lot! And thank you Anja for your sweet words about my drawings it realy means a lot to me!!!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thx so much. I am so glad that readers still like the blog even with some new ideas coming up in my mind!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thanks so much for that tip Elena. Definitely will work on that more in the future! I really hope it will give me more time to actually evolve and make the blog more me again! Can't wait to see your next drawings!

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