September 27, 2014

50s Picnic


When I prepared for the wedding summer, I also had to think of the appendant Bachelorette Parties. Both women are very different and we decided for each on a very special program. One of them included a 50s inspired retro picnic. One Sunday a couple weeks back, a huge outdoor picnic with BBQ and live music was planned at our local church yard for the public and we decided to attend the event with our baskets filled with handmade goods. We went to our friends' home first and dressed her up nicely then drove to the church. We found a nice spot close to the stage and while we listened to wonderful classical music played by an orchestra, we unpacked all the food and had a wonderful day celebrating our friend's big day. 


What I wore

Dress: Hell Bunny (check Amazon)
Shoes: Deichmann
Headband: Finland
Necklace & Earrings: gift by mom
Glasses: Police




Little visitor on our blanket


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