September 29, 2014

Black and Denim - Staples for Autumn


Autumn is here, at least that is what the calendar tries to tell us. I still enjoy the warm sun and am happy with the Indian summer, but of course I am looking into my closet with the colder days in mind. I actually missed all my sweaters, tights and woolen scarves. Won't wear them just yet, but my color choices definitely reflect the changing seasons. I love darker lips, nails and the color black doesn't seem so out of place anymore. This is one of my favourite looks of last week and it even works in this weather as the dress is sleeveless. During the cooler months, I am going to wear it with a longsleeved shirt, but for now, bare arms it is. The little denim jacket was even a little warm during the outfit shoot and I took it off right afterwards. Looks cute though and I will have to pack it away soon, why not give it a last spin (or two).



What I wore

Dress & Ring: C&A
Denim Jacket & Bracelets: Primark
Bag: no name
Shoes: Deichmann
Leggins: LTS
Necklace: Thrifted
Headband: Forever 21





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