January 15, 2017

Remixing is the new buying



Blogging is a thing that helps me remix my outfits loads. Sometimes people can start to get into kind of a routine and wear a lot of similar outfits. I can see myself doing this as well. Still, I do try to mix it up and often think of my outfits and if they would be a repeat for the blog. Yes, that sounds silly, but if it's a repeat for the blog, it will most likely be a repeat for my work or days spent with friends and family as well. Yes, we all do have favourites in our closets and we love to wear them constantly. But, what about all those other beautiful pieces in our closets? Should we neglect them for the sake of wearing all things new only? I often feel that all the big bloggers out there tend to wear new things only - to market them, to show them off, to follow a trend or to make one. I don't feel comfortable with that. I still love my pants that are three years old and still adore my handbags from five seasons ago. Who cares about trends anyways. Yes, for the readers it is nice to find inspiration and buy the things, but what about the things in our closets? I think most readers do own similar things and by remixing those, they could come up with a great outfit without spending a penny. For 2017 I want to do more remixing and less buying. 
Let's remix a bit more, buy less new things and love and cherish the things that we do already own.


What I wore

Skirt & Leggings: Long Tall Sally
Shirt & Cardigan: C&A
Boots: Deichmann
Necklace: Kalevala






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