February 9, 2017

Cold as Ice


When the ground is frozen, walking makes such a nice sound. I love it and I do love winter for it. I also prefer bundling up for the cold over having issues on choosing the thinnest piece of clothing in the heat of summer. Nothing just as nice as layering! Ponchos are a really nice way of adding another layer to a look. They keep you warm and even look a little special and give every outfit a fun vibe, especially with fringes on. They are a bit of a hassle to wear underneath coats though. I never quite get them to stay put and they bunch up under my arms and just make it difficult to wear a coat. This version here has little holes for the arms that turns the poncho into a vest and I love that! I do travel by train to and from work and this vest works nicely as a blanket for my legs when the train is freezing cold (which happens more and more often - who needs aircon during winter?!). I also wanted to use this post to introduce my new purse to you all. It's a little handbag from Aldo that my mom got me during her last trip to Dubai. Just a little black bag with a pom pom. Love it!! Probably won't need another black handbag now, which saves me loads of money as I was thinking of getting a Chanel WOC in summer. Still considering, but it's a lot of money and this little beauty stores a lot more for a lot less!


What I wore

Poncho: 1982 Fashion
Turtleneck: Aldi
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Aldo
Tights: Esda
Boots: Deichmann
Scarf: Pieces
Watch: Skagen
Necklace: no name







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