February 4, 2017

Winter Warm


Winter is my favourite season! I do love the icy cold and whenever people tell me that they hate winter because it's so cold, I just think that it's really just an issue of wearing the right clothes. I do wear dresses and skirts in winter, but when it is really icy, I tend to wear pants. I do have a couple of warm chino pants and this burgundy one is a perfect pop of color in the dark winter. I added a short-sleeve turtleneck and a woolen cardigan with a furry colar. It is really warm and so comfortable. It does give me a couple of extra kilos in looks (meeew!), but is such a nice and warm cardigan underneath a coat when you are outdoors the entire day and still want to stay warm and not have to wear a fleece jacket. I also wanted to show you my birthday present from Mr.B. He was so sweet and got me a wonderful new watch by my favourite nordic watch brand - Skagen. I have quite the collection now - a silver, a rose gold, a white and now a black and gold one. I love matching my watches to the rest of my jewelry and now can wear this with all my gold and black jewelry.



What I wore

Turtleneck & Ring: H&M
Cardigan: C&A
Shoes: Deichmann
Watch: Skagen






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