May 6, 2017

Comfort Zone - Business as usual


When I am at work, I try to dress nicely. Jeans and T-Shirt are rarely my thing. This has evolved quite a bit since starting this job 5 years ago. I commute 3hrs a day and always dressed for comfort rather than looks. I did wear a lot of denim during that first stage of my new position. I did have all these nice clothes at home, sitting in my closet waiting for those "more fancy occasions" that basically never came around. I regretted getting dressed every morning and was even a little sad that we didn't have a stricter dress code at the office. Finally, I decided that the way I dress is not only up to the dress code at work, but it is up to me. I was stuck in a rutt and was a prisoner of my own comfort zone. 


Today, I am glad that my office has such loose rules concerning the way we have to dress, which gives me so much freedom to experiment and utilize all thos pretty pieces in my closet. Of course, some days I still gravitate towards denim and I happily wear it, but I also use the options that I have in a more flexible way. I mix prints (as seen above), I don't shy away from wearing my vintage pieces anymore and yeah, I sometimes even add a petticoat to my 50s dresses, when I am in the mood for it. 
My students get excited every day when I wear something creative to work and it's nice to have their support and receive a compliment here and there as well. So the look in this post is currently the minimum that I am doing every day - nice skirt with some tights, a blouse and a pretty jacket, maybe a scarf or matching jewelry. It's my new comfort zone, but I do want to take even more risks in the near future to stretch it again.


What I wore

Blazer: Seppälä
Blouse & Skirt: C&A
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Necklace: old, no name





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