June 24, 2018

Summer ready


We had the most summery Spring these past two months, but right on time for the 21st of June, midsummer, the longest day of the year and the official start of Summer, we had the frost come back. From a hot 30°C to an icecold 8°C in one night. Brrr ..... Still trying to wear all my lovely Summer and Spring looks, right now just adding thicker tights once again. The outfit of this post is acually from the warmer days and wearing that denim jacket was way too hot. Now, it's too cold and I am back to leather jackets. June is our April this year, which I don't mind as I really like the cooler temperatures, but it is not nice for nature to be so out of tune and our plants definitely show that.
Back to the outfit. I am wearing my dress-turned skirt favourite summer piece in combination with this black and floral shirt, which has been a staple in the past years. I added red accessories to the look. The bag is a Chloe lookalike and a really close dupe, the shoes are some of my favourites, but I sadly had to retire them after this day, as the strap on one of them broke. Need to replace them. These past weeks have been full of work and planning our kitchen renovations, but I hope to post outfits more regularly now during the Summer months. I have a couple of posts planned from our recent Paris/Disneyland trip and hope to show some of our house renovation as well. When it is all finished, I might do some house/room tours with before and after. So stay tuned!


Skirt (was a dress): MaxiChika
Shirt, Jacket & Shoes: Primark
Pins: Disney Store
Bag: gift
Necklace: vintage
Tights: Esda






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