July 8, 2018

Life in a small town


Last summer, we moved to the small city that I have been working in for the past years. It's been a challenge to adjust, but one thing that I am not sorry about is the amount of nature that we are surrounded with. Our dream has always been a house in Finland, but we have decided to stay in Germany and make this our forever home. It is great to have forest and mountains similar to finnish nature to make life just a bit more green. These photos have been taken on a walk around our new home town. I wore my favourite floor-length dress and cleaned the grounds with it :D Being fashionable in a place like this has its' downsides! Definitely need to think of that before ordering a new dress in that length. 
Has anyone else had this happen to them that they felt their style changed with their move to a new home/house? I do feel like that is currently happening to me. I still love me a good dress, but it has to be more fuss-free, with less poof and more practicality. I do like intricate designs, but they have to be easy to work in and I need to be able to put them on alone. Now that we moved, Mr.B leaves the house one hour earlier and I often dress only after he has left. If I can't zip it up myself, it's no good for my every day life anymore. I started loving wrap dresses for this exact reason!!


What I wore

Dress: Eshakti
Jacket: Primark
Top: no name
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Bag: gift
Watch: Skagen
Shoes: Deichmann
Shades: Ray Ban




My new home - living in a small town has its' advantages. Nature is not far and it feels like living more connected in that sense. Otherwise it has its' downsides as well as we live more secluded from friends and family as well. We do need to make more of an efford to see people now, but it is of course worth it. 




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