September 23, 2012

What I love right now No. 20

This week the summer returned for a couple of days. It was very nice to go to work and in the afternoon enjoy some time with Mr.B outdoors. We went for walks or just had a nice afternoon on our lovely balcony before we had to return back to our books. I need to prepare several things for work each day, but I can do them from home as well. Sitting on our balcony is much better than in a dark office. While doing that I can enjoy my huge sunflower.


Igor of Happy Interior Blog has shared this awesome bedroom look. I just adore those moon pictures. Anyone know where to get those??

And Yes, that's the balcony of my neighbours. The sunflower is about 3,5ms tall now and the head is 30cm wide! 


I also have been amazed by one of my favorite bloggers these days. Jessica of What I Wore has been wearing several looks these past weeks where she incorporated awesome black/white prints. Can't get enough of them, especially that double polkadot look!

What I Wore  - black/white
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Just did a DIY for my bedroom dresser and also have worked on the mirror a bit. This decoration picture (for a baby shower actually - got no need for one of those, but pretty no matter what)that was posted by 100layer cake inspired me quite a bit! I just love the vintage look!  

Happy Weekend!! I am spending mine with a good friend I haven't seen in 4 years! It's good to cu again, S!


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