May 23, 2013

One special week

This week has been a short and sweet one. We had a holiday on Monday and I spent the day planting some plants and seeds on our balcony. Can't wait for this green oase to grow! Mr.B and I also had our anniversay yesterday and I wanted to thank this wonderful man for being there for me every day, accepting me the way I am and making my life perfect. I am this happy person because of him and his love for me!



As we are both working long hours, we will enjoy the weekend with some special happenings and just had a quiet and romantic evening together last night. Nothing to fancy, but every day together is special anyways!


I wore this look to run some errands. The temperatures have dropped immensely these last days and this cape is just awesome, keeps me warm and gives me the feeling of flying (Hello Batman!).I kept the rest of the look simple and comfortable with jeans and a gingham shirt. The bag is one of my best thrift finds ever. I found it during a visit at the Helsinki flea market for  mere 50cents and it is real leather made in Finland!



What I wore

Cape & Bag: Thrifted
Pants: Long Fashion
Shoes: Deichmann
Scarf: Pieces
Shirt & Cardigan: C&A



Happy Thursday and TGIF tomorrow!


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