June 19, 2013

Closet Favourites - Florals

In this edition of Closet Favourites, I want to share one of my favourite patterns with you. Florals are cool to remix and I got several pieces in my closet that always work when I have a dressing blackout.


For example this light dress - it works well with tights or with my favourite skinny jeans. I could even imagine remixing it tucked in as a shirt paired with a tight skirt. 


A floral blouse always works well with denim, in winter and summer months. These are just two versions in my ever growing blouse collection. They feel good and you luck put together even for work.



I can't pass a good floral cotton shirt.


I often try to combine at least two different prints, let it be floral with gingham or with dots, but the floral on floral combo always works best.




And if there are no floral prints in my outfit, blossoms work well as requisites.


mark a. said...

i love all these outfits! very pretty!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thank you so much and thx for stopping by!

mark a. said...

you are most welcome and i appreciate your thanks! :)

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