December 5, 2017

Casual Autumn walk


Christmas is fast approaching and I am currently working my way through my Autumn photos to show outfits in the snow soon. We already had a couple of days worth of white and I love it! Winter is my favourite and Christmas especially. While editing this post, I have been listening to Christmas songs non-stop and these pictures with the thin jacket, golden leaves and sun seem a little surreal, but I really like the outfit and wanted to share the look. I finally got my Michael Kors Bedford in Burgundy out for the Fall and Winter. It is such a lovely bag and I don't regret buying it one bit. It is a great bag for the darker months brightening up any dark look. Also these cargo pants are my new favourite. I got them in the sale at LongTallSally and loved them so much, I had to get them in khaki as well. They fit well and have an easy-going vibe to them. Perfect for the weekends!



What I wore

Jacket: Primark
Blouse: C&A
Scarf: Pieces
Shoes: Deichmann
Ring: gift
Necklace: no name






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