June 10, 2013

Come with me to the playground

This month we have been playing around a little with locations. This is the playground in our backyard. It's fun, it's quiet, perfect for some photos!. After several days without any chance for outfit photos due to the constant rain and floods in our area, we took advantage of the sunny hours during the weekend. 



First rays of sunlight in two weeks and it felt great. This constant rain has to stop, so all these people that have had huge troubles with the flood can finally get their homes cleaned up. Our thoughts still go out to them! In other news  I am also really hoping that the weather will stay like this as I  am attending an outdoor concert on wednesday and we just need a little sunshine for that!


This shirt is awesome and it's from one of our grocery discounters - Lidl. Awesome and feels like good quality for a mere 6€!


I wore this look for work on Friday, but it's very similar to my look today. I especially love all the blue shades in this outfit. I enjoyed this nail design for an entire week, amazing. It seems Essie is my new favourite in terms of color and durability. I added the well known Mint Candy Apple and a layer of the extremely hyped 916 Confetti polish by L'Oréal finished with a layer of Essie good to go top coat - never without it again. Have to agree with most bloggers out there - it's a killer combo, but also a killer pain in the behind to get that confetti stuff off your nails again :(


What I wore

Pants: Long Fashion
Shirt: Lidl
Cardigan: Ernsting's Family 
Necklace: Gift from host family
Ring: gift from Mr.B
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Watch: Fossil


I am participating in the Visible Monday over at Not dead yet style once again and I wanted to wish Patti all the best as she is celebrating 100 weeks of Visible Monday already! Congrats girl!



Patti_NotDeadYetStyle said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Anja, and for sharing with Visible Monday. You look so fresh and pretty, and yes, the nails are awesome! Hope the weather cooperates for your concert!

Natalie said...

Amazing nails! I haven't tried that L'Oreal Confetti polish, but it looks pretty fantastic.

I hope you get the sunshine you need - the first concert I ever attended was outside and got completely rained out. It was a muddy, crazy mess! Good times. ;)

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